What We Deliver

At Talitha, we work closely with our clients to understand the intricacies and agency goals specific to each project and customize our approaches accordingly.

Our services can be categorized in four areas:

  • Equity-centered Community Planning : Partner with clients to develop actionable strategies for capacity building, community mobilization, education and outreach that aim to bring greater inclusion, equity and positive transformation. We work with groups of varying sizes to strategize, plan and operationalize multi-dimensional equity initiatives.
  • Facilitation & Training: Design and implement social, racial and economic equity workshops tailored to each client’s needs, contexts and cultures.
  • Multimedia Communication: In partnership with an award-winning Multimedia Producer, we produce cutting-edge design combined with powerful storytelling using video, audio, animation and graphic design (including but not limited to infographics). We help our clients boost social media performance and improve search engine optimization.
  • Research & Project Management: Lead interdisciplinary, multilingual and innovative teams to produce quantitative and qualitative research for commercial and public-sector clients.

Recent Clients:

Talitha is committed to:

  • Racial equity & social justice
  • Meaningful community engagement (i.e., “to work with communities in a way that’s sensitive, supportive, inquiring and carefully analytical, challenging but not directive or patronizing” – Marie Kennedy, University of Massachusetts, Boston)
  • Contextualized & asset-based solutions
  • Cultural Humility
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Steadfast & thorough customer support
  • Attentive & compassionate listening

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